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Porsche 993 Carrera Cabrio

Even though the car weighs about 100 kg more than a standard Carrera 2 Coupe, we were genuinely impressed by the way it drives. Indeed, the car might feel more weighty but on the other hand it brings different sensations. The only thing we wanted to do with the car, was cruise. We did not need to go fast. We felt the nice summer breeze going through our hair and the flat-six roaring. That's all we needed. Obviously, we pressed the gas pedal a few times, but don't expect it to be that fast. It used to be fast. But, by today's standards, it completely falls behind any hot hatch. It will eventually hit 270 km/h, so that's still impressive. We also loved the comfort. You feel the road exceptionally well but it isn't a harsh ride. The seats are comfortable and with the natural patina, they look like this cool old leather armchair at your grand-parents. We also loved the fact that there is no screen, or nothing else that can distract your driving.

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