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Porsche 906

The Porsche 906, or Carrera 6, first appeared in the Daytona paddock in 1966. Unlike earlier factory competition Porsches, the first 906 was neither silver nor white but painted in deep blue. With a height of 98 cm and a decidedly modern look, the new competition Porsche ranked 6th and made the other 59 cars look obsolete. In 1966, the stars of the 24 Hours of Daytona were the 7-liter Ford Mk IIs and the Ferrari 365 P2/3. Cars that had more than double the engine capacity of the 906 017 driven by Hans Herrmann and Herbert Linge. However, on the 906's first release on track, it proved its competitiveness to the rest of the paddock. The impact of this apparition was enormous. With just 210 PS but 580 KG the 906 was ready to become a legend.

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