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Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

The AMG GT is now Mercedes’ only “supercar”. Love it, or dislike it, it is a very different concept to the SLS. The SLS is about that raw V8 power that drives like a dragster. The GT has turbos and is supposed to handle like a 911 (yeah right…). The SLS was a bit like that huge dog you had in your house. It was fun, but was all over the place, couldn’t be handled, not very practical to take anywhere but the countryside. However, by the day it was gone, it made you sad. You don’t want a civilized Chihuahua. The SLS is a kind of car you will never find again. It is noisy, it destroys tires, it is the true essence of unpracticality, but this is what, we, petrolheads want. The SLS was not developed to have the comfort of an S-Class, the practicality of a GLE, or the efficiency of…a Blue Efficiency. No! It was designed to be cool and have cool doors that would make everyone go like “woooo look at these doors, ‘must be so unpractical”. That is exactly what a boring old lambda citizen would think. Are you a boring old lambda citizen?

Presentation Perego SLS AMG .pdf

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