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Ferrari Testarossa

The Testarossa's name comes from its great ancestor the 250 Testa Rossa race car. Everything sounds more fancy in Italian, and this car is the perfect example because Testarossa means redhead in english (Obviously less sexy...). So, back to the "redhead". It came out in 1984. Music hits like Madonna's Like a Virgin were all over the place, The Terminator movie was in every cinema, and men were wearing the moustache like porn stars. So why did this car end up being so iconic? First things first, it starred in a massive TV show called Miami Vice. Everybody was watching this. Enzo Ferrari himself was a huge fan and was the one who personally handed the keys of a Testarossa to Don Johnson (main character of the show). Hard to imagine the "commendatore" with his sunglasses watching this American show dubbed in Italian.

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