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Ferrari FF

So, what do we think of Ferrari's first family car? We love the controversial shape, and any car that looks like a BMW Z3 M Coupe is a good thing. We love the V12 that derives from the F12 Berlinetta, the sound it produces and the performances it delivers. We love the fact that you can take this car anywhere like mountains or Ikea. We love the comfort ride and the plush interior. There might be only one thing to dislike and it's the gigantic size. This isn't a car I would take for a city center tour or on narrow Swiss B-roads. You just don't see the end of the bonnet and the dimensions take quite some getting used getting used to. Also, the maintenance costs without the Ferrari services must be of some extravagance. But whoever can own a Ferrari can take on the ruthless pricings of the prancing horse. But back to our horses, in the FF, everything is Ferrari. You get the steering wheel from the F12, the dashboard from the 458, and the famous features like the Manettino that make you feel like a Formula 1 driver. It actually just helps you to select the different driving modes. The FF might be the perfect car, because it simply has everything one could look for plus this very special Ferrari touch. What the brand from Maranello has managed to do here is create a true Ferrari experience that you can live everyday. And who wouldn't want that?

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