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Ferrari 812 Superfast

Remember when Jeremy Clarkson said that the F12 Berlinetta was too powerful? That was 7 years ago! Now, we have a car that makes 60 more horsepower. The V12 develops 800 horsepower and is largely based on the one you can find in the TDF. Also, the car got rear-wheel steering, added active-aero and that's about it. The 812 Superfast is more of an evolution than revolution. Same thing goes with the styling. It is undeniably a Ferrari. Long hood, two doors, beautiful lines and the successful return of the four rounded-backlights. On the inside there is, obviously, more tech. Everything is oriented towards the driver and the only screen you will see is the one on the dashboard right behind the superb steering wheel. As usual, the smell of leather inhabits the whole space, which emphasises the fact that it's a great place to sit in. Then, you press on the big red "start engine" button on the steering-wheel and you listen to that V12 wake up. Let's talk about this engine and what it is capable of. First things first, it is slightly larger than the one you find in the F12. Why a V12? It's all about heritage, rather than pure performance. Even Ferrari's own Chief Technology Officer stated that "Sound is more important than performance in a V12"... OK... This doesn't mean that they have let down performance though. It revs up to 8'500 rpm, the car goes from standstill to 100 km/h in only 2.9 seconds and will go over 340 km/h. Not bad for a car that doesn't really care about performance.

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