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Ferrari 330 GTC

Meet the 330 GTC. Maybe one of the most usable grand tourers of the early Ferrari's. Back in the 60's, it was one of the most luxurious cars that one could buy, and maybe one of the most elegant. It was a comfortable and civilized two-seater that was equipped with an ahead-of-its-time 5-speed gearbox, leather upholstery and even electric power windows. But Ferrari is usually remembered for the hard-core stuff like the 250 GTO, or the 275 GTB/4 that had designs on racing. So, why should we spend more than half a million dollars on a car that apparently drives like your old grandfather's sofa? It is said that the 330 GTC is probably the first Ferrari in which you could actually enjoy the radio. And that's because it was kind of engineered like a yacht. It was a grand tourer that was supposed to take you quickly from point A to B without even dropping a single teardrop of sweat. Let's face it, the 330 GTC is like the Queen Mary of cars, even though the later 365 GTC 2+2 was better known for wearing this nickname.

Presentation Perego 330 GTC.pdf

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